Frequently asked questions

Podcast Network

What is a podcast network?

A podcast network is a collective of content creators that bring their content under one roof (our haus).

What are the benefits of joining HausHill Podcasts?

Many benefits existing with joining HausHill Podcast network, like assitance with shared demographics, worldwide networking opportunities, tools and resources to monetization and more.

What does it cost to join HausHill Podcast network?

We have multiple plans to choose from free to paid. We want to work within your creative budget.

Will my podcast be on all audio streaming platforms?

In short, yes. We work with some of today's leading digital platforms. Our network distribution spaces across Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Deezer, Radio Public, Sound Cloud, You Tube, HausHill Entertainment App + many more.

What's the difference between an audio and visual podcast?

Audio Podcast - a digital audio file made available on the internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically made available as a series, new episodes of which can be received by subscribers automatically. Visual Podcast - a visual (video) podcast is simply a podcast with a video element. The visual episode of your show should be made availble on the internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device. Currently visual podcasts are only supported on the HausHill Entertainment App, Apple Podcasts & YouTube.

Is editing of my podcast included?

Yes. Being part of the HHE network, on any paid plan includes minor editing, with high-quality distribition. We look for empty space, "ooh's, aah's and umm's".

What is the HausHill Entertainment App?

The HausHill Entertainment app is 1st free app for iOS and Google Play devices that allows storytellers to bring to life some of their wildest dreams. Released in August of 2018, the HausHill Entertainment app supports both audio and visual podcasts. Our app gives your fans special access to bonus content (show notes, downloadable cover art, etc.)

What if I don't have a podcast?

Let us do the hard part. We have a creative team dedicated to getting your thoughts, to actions, to your soon to be fans. Check out our pricing plans for more information.

How do I add my show to your waitlist?

Please submit details here.