Meet Our Visionaries

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Known as both a motivational visionary and creative oracle, Jovon Pavielle is no stranger to hard work.  Hailing from the Windy City of Chicago, to the sun and shade of Los Angeles, Jovon has worked alongside some of todays top celebrities and influencers.  

While attending LA Film School, Jovon was also fulfilling his lifelong dream as a Choreographer and Director for artists like Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Rowland, Fantasia and Gym Class Heroes to name a few.  Jovon decided that it was time to give back to the world, specifically underprivileged creatives.  Starting with a group of trusted, life-long friends Jovon Pavielle created a safe space for creatives with HausHill Entertainment. 


"Let's take the power of networking and bring the party to our Haus.  There's room for everybody under our roof.  I remember what its like trying to work a full time job and have your dreams be touched on too.  We all need help.  Together we can go further."

Jovon Pavielle, CEO & Founder


Innovative. Dynamic. Tenacious. George Robinson IV was gifted with a sharp creative mind that thrives in an analytical environment and excels at creating and executing marketing strategies as a thought leader.  

With over a decade of professional experience, 7 of which have been in Advertising, Content Creation and Digital Marketing, he has worked with companies such as Amazon and its subsidiaries, SiriusXM, CDK Global, and a variety of smaller clients driving acquisitions, retention, and branding for growth.  His experience spans across multiple channels including but not limited to SEO, Display, Search, Social, OTT, Blogging, etc.  

George excitedly steps into the role of Marketing Director for HausHill Entertainment overseeing all marketing efforts that contribute to revenue growth, creative acquisitions, and network awareness. 

In his words: "We want to produce unique content that resonates with people and inspire them to share it with the world.  To do that we are not afraid of trying out of the box strategies and go where others may think we shouldn't.  No risk, no reward:.  Let's create some awesome shit!"

George Robinson IV, Director of Marketing & Media Sales


Born and raised in Chicago, Il, Stephanie uprooted to Los Angeles, CA, to pursue her Master’s degree in Human Resource Management. While also on break from law school, she decided to switch careers to the entertainment industry. 


In 2016, she began working on-set as a Production Assistant (PA) for American Film Institute (AFI) students.  Shortly afterwards, she interned at a talent agency, specializing in television commercials and print modeling. Eventually, her PA work transitioned into Ralph Lauren ads and a Kids Choice Award segment. Around 2018, an opportunity opened at a production company that focused on featured films. The inspiration of past employment, led to pursuing a film production certificate. In October 2020, Stephanie simultaneously became a board member of HausHill Entertainment and started a film podcast (i.e. /re’kast/).


Although Ms. Caston moved from Los Angeles to Chicago at the end of 2020, the plan will be to continue current ventures and pursue finishing her law degree. 

Stephanie Caston, Director of HHE Original Programming